Howdy Rowdy Pre-Shave Gel

Add a higher level of art of shaving to your daily regimen. Begin by prepping your face with Shaving Station’s Howdy Rowdy Pre-Shave Gel. It first cleanses your face of all its sweat and grime. And then it hydrates and softens your stubble to make the actual shaving a silken breeze. And yes, the amazing earthy fragrance keeps you cool and on the go through the day!

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Welcome Cleanest Shaves with Howdy Rowdy Pre-Shave Gel

A clean and close shave ups your personality as much as smart clothes do. With Howdy Rowdy Pre-Shave Gel, you can ensure the cleanest, closest shaves day after day. This totally non-sticky gel hydrates your skin and stubble almost instantly to get both ready for the shaving cream and razor.   Its absolutely marvellous fragrance reminds you of mountains and forests.

Howdy Rowdy Pre-Shave Gel Is So Good For Your Skin Too...

Not just great pre-shave prepping, Howdy Rowdy Pre-Shave Gel gives total care to your skin too. It contains the finest natural botanical actives like Moroccan Argan Oil, and Himalayan Cedarwood and Vetiver Essential Oils.  No synthetic fragrances, no toxic mineral oils, no nasty sulphates or parabens. Use with confidence, your skin will thank you.

Your Price: Rs. 299.00 Rs. 249.00


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