Bronco Pre-Shave Gel

If you are tired of your daily shave drag with all its nicks, cuts and rashes, re-learn the art of shaving by beginning with Shaving Station Bronco Pre-Shave Face Gel. The anti-aging antioxidants in it keep your skin looking young and peppy. Its telltale zesty-spicy fragrance clues in anyone who comes close that beneath the suave gentleman lives a lovable rascal.

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Bronco Pre-Shave Gel is Changing Rules of Pre-Shave Prepping...

Bronco Pre-Shave Gel is the secret to taming even the most stubborn of stubbles for a really clean shave. Even the hardiest of hair lose their stiffness when touched by this awesome product. After you wash your face and before you apply the shaving cream, massage in a little bit of this totally non-sticky, very light and very delightfully fragrant gel. Immediately your skin will feel so much smoother and all the bristly hair will lie flat and compliant. Now go ahead and shave it all off for a really clean, really close shave.

Bronco Pre-Shave Gel Is Perfect for Those Who Want to Look Their Best Always...

Bronco Pre-Shave Gel is creating waves in men’s grooming zone. It contains 100% pure essential oils of Thai Kaffir Lime and Bergamot along with Moroccan Argan Oil (called liquid gold for its healthy goodness) for intensive skincare. Its zesty and spicy fragrance is absolutely delightful and very refreshing. Then it is totally free of harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances. So when you apply it on your face, you are not only taming your tough stubble, you are also treating your skin to awesome things that pamper and nurture and heal.

Your Price: Rs. 299.00 Rs. 249.00


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