About Us

You must have heard the famous quote, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.

Well, we have created Shaving Station to meet the necessity (read that as essentialness!) of the healthiest and cleanest shaves for the men of this world.

Shaving Station comes to you from Fit & Glow, an established Bangalore-based company focused on health, beauty, skincare and wellness products. Well, what happened was that our health-conscious founders realized that while everyone was using organic shampoos and creams and whatnots, no one was paying attention to the fact that men across the globe were lathering themselves up with chemical cocktails morning and evening!

You may not know it but most men’s grooming products (even the most pricy and fancily packaged ones) are selling shaving products laden with sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances that are really, really bad for your skin and health. Plus, many of these feature animal-derived ingredients and are unethically tested on animals too. Last but not the least, the existing products in the market just don’t deliver the shaving results you want reflected in your mirror. You know, smooth, silken, soft and really clean.

The F&G team decided to bring in a new, healthier shaving revolution. And Shaving Station was born.

Our mission was clear right from the start.

Only organic and plant-derived ingredients. Only the finest seed oils and essential oils as key actives that enhance your health. And a wide range of products to ensure that you get not just the best possible shave every single day, your skin too looks clean, clear and bright.

So our team of pharmacists and aromatherapists have created pre-shave face washes, pre-shave face scrubs, pre-shave oils, shaving creams, 3-in- 1 multi-gels, aftershave lotion and balms using only organic and plant-derived ingredients untested on animals. Every product has been infused with the purest essential oils to deliver shaves that make you look, feel and smell really appealing.

Shaving Station. It is made for men who like to live life healthier. And look, feel and smell great too.